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Maxwell David

Studio Director

​With over 20 years’ experience in performing arts education, Maxwell has worked on projects for the world’s largest studios and record labels including Disney, Netflix, Miramax, 20th Century Fox, Universal Music Group and Warner Records. Maxwell is also the CEO of Spears Theatre Arts.

Olivia Burnette

Studio Manager

Liv is a talented singer-songwriter with a passion for the performing arts. As well as being great at helping to keep our studio running smoothly, she also has experience as a nanny and so she’s great with little ones!

Miss Emma


Miss Emma started dancing at the age of two and hasn't stopped since! She trained extensively in ballet, jazz, tap, contemporary, lyrical and hip hop. Miss Emma has continued her training by attending various classes and working with many local choreographers on jobs including music videos and live performances. She developed a passion for teaching and choreography as she began to teach at her home studio many years ago. 

Mr Joel

Mr Joel is a triple threat teacher delivering training in singing, acting and dancing. With extensive training as a performing artist, he has a wide range of teaching experience. 

Miss Carrie


Miss Carrie is a wearer of many hats and loves storytelling through music, dance, writing, and acting. If you’re looking for a Mary Poppins, for real life or the musical, she’s your person! She loves working with children and has experience as a musical theater instructor, English as a Second Language tutor, and respite. 

Miss Rachel is a committed and experienced teacher and artist who delights in students’ progress and success. With extensive training as an actor and vocalist, she teaches students of all ages and abilities and strives to deliver creative joy through her teaching. 

Miss Rachel

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