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To book your TRIAL CLASS FOR JUST $16, click here

Sign up now for our fully flexible summer classes. 
Our Summer session works slightly differently to our other sessions. We invite you to book a block of 8, 12 or 16 classes and drop into any class for your age group (no reservation required!)

Summer Session (July 7th - August 30th)
8 classes: $224 ($28 per class)
12 classes: $300 ($25 per class)
16 classes: $352 ($22 per class)

Classes must be used during the Summer Session and cannot be transferred

Squirrels (2-4 year olds): Sun at 9am, Mon & Wed at 3.30pm and Fri at 4.30pm
Beavers (5-7 year olds): Sun at 10am, Mon & Wed at 4.30pm and Fri at 3.30pm
Cubs (8-12 year olds): Sun at 11am, Mon, Wed & Fri at 5.30pm

A comprehensive performing arts program delivered by experienced instructors
Supervision by the studio director
End of session presentation for family & friends

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